Not yet, Since mobile payment through ethereum wallets is not stable on mobile devices at this stage, so we have to wait until it works perfectly on mobile devices. Please use your desktop or laptop computers instead until then.

You can use Ether-Arts from multiple computers as long as you have your digital wallet installed on both with same account.

We recommend sticking with Chrome or Firefox browser. It may be technically possible to use another browser, but we can’t guarantee optimal performance, so you may want to steer clear.

To use Ether-Arts, you need an Ethereum digital wallet. Our recommendation is Metamask. You’ll need to put money in your wallet to make your first purchase. A digital wallet acts like a bank account – treat it with respect and make sure you don’t forget your password or seed words.

Some wallets use seed words instead of a password. They let you restore your account in the case it’s deleted. This also means that anyone with your seed words can access your account and steal your assets. Please be sure to save your seed words, and do not share them with others.

No, we can’t. Wallets are independent program that Ether-Arts does not in any way control. Although this means we can’t help with resetting passwords, it also means we can never forcibly remove assets from your wallet. Your art collections are in your wallet, not our databases, and your wallet belongs to you.

Your public wallet address (e.g. 0x20BB5789f444e47a88c366f0bfE41EcB3c75BD4C) is a unique identifier for your wallet. It’s like a name. You can share it freely with others, and it’s used to direct assets to your wallet.

Ether is a digital currency that powers the Ethereum network, which is what Ether-Arts is built on. Ether acts like any other currency – its value fluctuates with the market. You need to convert your currency (e.g. USD, EUR, GBP, JPY) into ether to pay for things, such as Ether-Arts, on the Ethereum network.

Some wallets let you buy currency directly, depending on the wallet and where you live. If your wallet doesn’t let you buy currency, you will need to purchase ETH from an exchange, and then transfer the ETH from your exchange wallet to your digital wallet. You can’t use USD or EUR to directly buy a Ether-Arts. Currencies need to be converted into ETH first.

If it’s your first time purchasing ether, your exchange will need to verify your identify, that can take a day or two. So it’ll leave you time for a while. In addition, if you need to link a bank account to your exchange (rather than a credit card), your bank may need a few more days to verify the charges.

We can buy Ether-Arts with ethereum, not the dollars or euros. so before buying it, make sure that you have enough ether in your metamask wallet. Also don't forget to login with your metamask account. Once these prerequisities are done, you can buy Ether-Arts. Go market page or statistics page on our website, choose your favorite picture, and open detail page, then go with buy button. metamask transaction approval window will appear to make a buy transaction.

Transactions on the blockchain can take a few minutes to process, and then it can take a few more minutes for our website to sync with the blockchain. So, Don’t worry. If the transaction was successful your Ether-Arts belongs to you, and it will show up. The blockchain doesn’t lie.

There is nothing special you have to do to participate in the game. Just use the Meta Mask Wallet in the Market or Roll menu to buy a card. That's all. Our smart contract automatically tracks the cardholder information and draws the lottery.

As we described in whitepaper, around 50% of total sales amount is accumulated into reward pool. And if there was no player that meets winner requirements, the funds will be transfered and merged to next round's reward.

This is the biggest feature that distinguishes ether-arts cards from traditional lottery cards. The Ether-arts card is an ERC721-compliant collectable card and is designed to be used in every lottery stage to preserve its value as a collectable card. A card issued once is valid at all stages. Ether-arts cards do not lose their value over time.

We made a lot of effort to ensure fairness. The administrator of the site reserves the winner draw order one day before the lottery date. No one (even an administrator) can stop or interfere with the drawing process after the command is triggered. The smart contract receives the seed number from Wolfram Alpha for the random number generation at the scheduled time. This random seed is fairer than any other random number generated using the data in the block chain. A winner card number is obtained from this random seed via predefined formula.

Umm.. Unfortunately, no one knows that, because it is totally random. Even I, the developer of this service, cannot know this. But we can make a better choose when we utilize information on statistics page. Items with less sold ratio or less supply will bring you more reward once it is selected as a winner. It's a probability game.

Unfortunately, No. If you lose access to your wallet, we can’t recover your Ether-Arts collections. It’s not an issue of it being against our policy or being too difficult. It’s literally impossible. Our smart contract secure each Ether-Arts picture so that developers can’t edit, access, or reassign them. This protects your Ether-Arts from hackers and anyone else who would steal them. Unfortunately, it also means we can’t simply ‘recover’ your Ether-Arts.

Etherscan is a read-only interface for the Ethereum network. It tells you everything that’s happened on the blockchain. It helps you verify that transactions were successful, and tracks other helpful details about transactions and addresses.

If your transaction failed, it was probably because someone else bought last available picture right before you did. Other possible reason a transaction might fails : manually setting the gas limit too low.

Gas is paid whenever a request is processed on the blockchain. Even if a transaction fails, it still takes computing power to determine whether or not the transaction can succeed. The Ethereum network charges gas for the operations executed up until the transaction fails. These transaction fees are not paid to the Ether-Arts team, but to the Ethereum network and miners.

When a transaction “times out,” it doesn’t mean the transaction has failed, only that the Ethereum network is very busy. As a result, Ether-Arts won’t update until the transaction is finalized in the network. This can occur because of high gas prices or a spike in network congestion. Ether-arts team recommend using "FAST" gas price described on

Nope. Your card belongs to you and it cannot be destroyed or removed by any other reason other than your willing. Cards already selected as a winner also could be selected as a another stage's winner. There's no disadvantage for them at all.

In the worst case scenario, with a rare probability less than 0.0125%, there could be a chance that two winner cards are identical. In this case, all players who owns that single winner card will be 1st prize winner. And there's no 2nd prize winner in this case. We cannot guarantee prohibiting duplicated winner cards, because technical limitation(block's gas limit problem on ethereum network).

Unfortunately Nope. Winner selection is based on account address. so even if you have 2 same winner cards, you can reward it once. One simple work-around about this is just making one more wallet address and store them at different wallet address. You can simply do this if you using CARD ACTION field on MY COLLECTION page.

Once per every 10 days (days ending in 5, such as 5/15/25), a safe and transparent lottery algorithm registered in the blockchain determines the PERIODIC MISSION WINNER. The lottery algorithm receives random number seed from a trusted source outside the block chain ( or Wolfram Alpha) and extracts the two card numbers using a predetermined formula. Two numbers are from the following ranges each.

■ One random card number among all Ether-arts card number issued

Once card is issued, this could be selected as a winner in all future stages. Even if it is selected as a mission winner, that card does not disappear nor its function is not limited. Therefore, the potential value of early-issued Ether-arts cards is very huge.

■ One random card number among N most recently issued ones

One of the N most recently registered art cards is selected. Ether-Arts will add 3-5 new art cards for each stage. However, as the number of registered picture cards increases, the difficulty of the game increases and the winner may not appear for a long period of time. The prize money will grow, but the boredom of the participants also will grow. Therefore, the Ether-Arts team will have the authority to change the N value for proper difficulty adjustment. One of the main benefits of a recent winner card policy is to motivate new players to buy. Players who have recently purchased 2 cards are more likely to win a first prize even if they do not have an old card. Players with old ether-arts cards can always resell cards at a higher price because there is always a demand for older cards in this market. At least two weeks before the change, you will be notified the changes through site announcements, SNS channels, mailing lists, etc.